Smart Surface Technology manufactures and distributes a wide range of Colormaker brand products that focus in on cementitious toppings and coloration supplies for the decorative concrete industry. We have divided our products into six categories; Cementitious Toppings, Coloration Supplies, Activator/Primer, Sealers and Floor Finish, Miscellaneous Products, and Tools.


A cement-based compound when combined with CP1000 acrylic activator produces a unique high strength cementitious floor topping. Designed to resurface existing concrete and thus restore it back to original condition. At 1/8" in thickness, this product can be re-troweled and burnished numerous times to take on the appearance of newly steel troweled polished concrete. This durable product surface has been designed for resurfacing high traffic commercial interior floors, as well as residential concrete surfaces for renovation and new construction.

A cement-based compound that provides a grainer concrete surface and can be applied at paper-thin thickness. When combined with pure CP1000 acrylic activator, this product produces the ideal ultra thin resurfacer for both interior and exterior concrete applications. It is a versatile and excellent wearing concrete surface. Numerous decorative effects can be achieved through the creative use of a trowel, sponge, roller, or spray unit. It provides a fast solution for integrally coloring and resurfacing interior or exterior concrete. Also, it is a cost-effective solution for resurfacing new or old concrete, broomed, troweled, or creating a multi-layered weathered fresco finish.

A cement-based compound formulated to accept and secure broadcast materials, such as Colormaker Colorfast pigment, crushed glass, resin or stone flakes, granite or marble dust and fine sands. Applied at 1/8" in thickness, this overlay should be troweled and smooth rolled with a texture roller making it ready to accept seeding process.

A polymer-modified, cement-based resurfacer used for patching or leveling uneven surfaces prior to installing other Colormaker brand overlays. The dry bag mix has been designed to just add water and mix. Pterra is available in white only and can be applied at 1/16" to 3/8" thickness in a single application.

A polymer-modified, cement-based stamp overlay. This overlay is formulated to cover existing concrete from 3/16'' to 3/8" in a single application and then stamped with the desired texture or pattern. Designed to just add water and mix, Pasto is perfect for both interior and exterior applications where a textured finish is desired. Textures can vary from random stone or slate to tile or wood plank finishes. All of Colormaker cementitious toppings mentioned are available in grey or white base, except Pterra. These products can be integrally colored, acid stained or dyed using Colormakers Coloration Supplies.


A concentrated, ready-to-use, highly-micronized inorganic pigment blended to integrally color or stain Colormaker overlay Sgraffino. Formulated as a dual-use product, Aquacolor is UV resistant and can be applied using a sprayer, or integrally mixed with Sgraffino only. Aquacolor's micronized high-solid content provides high strength while allowing the cementitious overlay to achieve a natural variegated appearance.

A ready to use, finely ground blend of synthetic iron oxide pigments and proprietary ad-mixtures designed for coloring cementitious materials and toppings. It is used as an integral ad-mixture for permanently coloring Colormaker's cementitious toppings.

DESO Dye Doncentrate
A formulation of dye concentrates that are high strength penetrating solutions of primary colors intended to make ready-to-use dye stains by blending to the desired color and may be mixed with acetone and/or water, depending upon application requirements. They can be used to create a range of affects from subtle earth tones to vibrant hues. Ideal for coloring hardened concrete surfaces and toppings or for enhancing acid stained floors.

A mildly acidic water based solution designed to etch and stain concrete or masonry substrates. The chemical reaction with the substrate results in naturally variegated earth tones similar to the oxidation of a copper roof or the patina of a bronze sculpture.

Decographic Dye
A solvent based dye concentrates are high strength solutions of primary colors intended to make ready-to-use dye stains by blending to the desired color and reducing with lacquer thinners. It can be used to create a range of affects from subtle earth tones to vibrant hues.

Someru Dye
A water-based formula of transparent pigment used for coloring hardened concrete surfaces and toppings or for enhancing acid stained floors. It is manufactured and ready to use in primary colors or may be blended together to create a pleasing palette of vibrant colors.



A high solids, cross-linking acrylic emulsion. It is used as a polymer modifier for Colormaker's dry cementitious toppings. CP1000 acts as a primer and activator used with cementitious products for interior and exterior surfaces.



A water-based acrylic sealer with exceptional wetting capabilities that allows for excellent adhesion to most types of substrate. It is intended for sealing interior or exterior architectural and decorative concrete surfaces. It is ideally suited for use over all Colormaker floor overlays and stains. This product produces a low to medium sheen when cured and may also be used as a primer under other Colormaker floor sealers and finishes.

Deco Seal Supreme
A premium, cross-linked, water-based acrylic sealer blended with polyurethane. It offers exceptional wear and imparts a medium to high gloss finish. This product is a perfect finishing aid for use over all Colormaker overlays and coloration systems and enhances the aesthetic characteristics of interior architectural and decorative concrete floors.

A two-part, water-based epoxy sealer with superior durability, Sentinella provides excellent adhesion to most types of substrate, including all Colormaker overlays. It is designed for use in sealing interior decorative concrete surfaces and is particularly recommended as a final finishing topcoat over Patinaetch acid-stained surfaces that have been primed with one coat of Custodian.

Texture Seal
A fast drying and highly durable solvent based acrylic sealer, designed to enhance the visual appearance and performance of concrete creating a glossy finish. This product is recommended for both interior and exterior concrete substrates, including commercial floors, driveways, patios and pathways. It is also suitable for architectural and decorative concrete finishes, including both stamped textured and smooth.

Uro Finish
A combination of tough glossy urethane with a water emulsion floor finish. The exceptional gloss and durability with this finish provides for lasting performance in difficult to maintain "high spot" floor areas. It is used as a top coat sealer for going over Colormaker floors and has all the advantages of having a fast dry and re-coat time with an exceptional high gloss re-coating finish.


A ready-to-use, dry-shake material that is ideal for permanently coloring and hardening newly poured concrete flat work.

A precise mixture of silica, dry latex polymer, defoamer, thickener, and flow agents that increase the performance of cementitious bag products. Counterflow has been designed as an admixture for packaged ready-mix concrete. When added to a 50 lb. bag of ready-mix concrete it enhances workability, strength and density of the finished product.

Imparta-RA (Release Agent)
Ready-to-use blend of water-resistant pigmented powders and chemicals used to achieve successful release of imprinting tools and texture rollers from concrete surfaces. In addition to release qualities, Imparta-RA also introduces an accent color to the textured surface.

Liquid Imparta
A blend of synthetic odorless liquid agents designed to create a thin film barrier to keep stamping tools and texturing mats from sticking to cementitious surfaces. This product forms a lubricated and parting barrier separating the plastic concrete from the concrete texturing mats. It will not stain the surface and is excellent for interior or exterior use when secondary coloring is going to be used.


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